New Year’s Day

时间:2021-6-3 作者:qvyue

It’s a beautiful day,everyone must be happy.

However,there is a feeling,a complicate feeling,that Idon’t know how to explain.I even    don’t what this feeling is like…

So I write this poem to…


To this world,

the best of this world.

The old dies,

while,the new starts.

To us,

the best of us.

The stars are still shining,

while,we should keep fighting.

To you,

the best of you.

Do what you wanna do,

while,I will always support you.

To me,

the best of me.

Go for it,

then,I can achieve more.


The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago ,while,a better time is now.

So never too late to do anything,do what you want!

This is not ending.

This is not the start of ending.

This is the ending of begining.

Hello 2019!

No more plans.

No more resolutions.

Just follow your heart and do it!

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