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时间:2021-7-2 作者:qvyue

Disabling the security sandbox

Important! Disabling the Acrobat Reader’s security sandbox is not recommended. By doing this, you accept responsibility for what happens to you, your loved ones, and your computer.
1.Open Adobe Reader.
2.Choose Edit, then Preferences.
3.In the Categories list on the left, select Security (Enhanced). In Adobe Reader X or earlier, you need to instead select General.
4.Disable Enable Protected Mode at startup.
5.Restart Adobe Reader.

Disabling this shim

After disabling the security sandbox, you need to disable this shim in MaxTo.
1.Open MaxTo settings, and click the Compatibility tab.
2.Find the Adobe Acrobat Reader shim, and click it to open it.
3.Click the toggle switch so it says Disabled.
4.Restart the computer to make sure the changes are loaded.


In MaxTo versions prior to 2.0

1.Open Notepad as administrator
2.Open %ProgramFiles%MaxToshims.xml.
3.Find the lines reading AcrobatSDIWindow (there are two), and remove them.
4.Restart MaxTo.

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