Day 23 EV navigation

时间:2021-7-20 作者:qvyue

An Online Learning Framework for Energy-Efficient Navigation of Electric Vehicles

Thought: energy efficiency is a problem for only EVs. What’s the special point?


1. a Bayesian approach  to  model  the  energy  consumption  at  road segments

2. an  online learning framework and investigate several exploration  strategies  such  as  Thompson  Sampling and  Upper  Confidence  Bound

3. extend our online learning framework to multi-agent setting

4. real-world experiments on Luxembourg SUMO Traffic dataset

Thompson Sampling (TS)

also called posterior  sampling and probability  matching

Upper Confidence Bound (UCB)

another approach used widely for exploration-exploitation trade-off

used by AlphaZero

energy consumption Model

model the non-negative edge weights by (conjugate) Log-Gaussian likelihood and prior distributions

this model is compared with the normal Gaussian model

Online learning

start from estimation of model parameters

solve the problem with multi-armed bandit problem

return the actual travel time to update parameters


The energy consumption model is useful

The dataset is potential to use.

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